Monkey King Online Gameplay Bonus

Take part in an epic battle right in your browser window.

Transform into a powerful immortal to wreak havoc on your foes.

Represent and fight for your guild in the guild territory wars.

Monkey King Online by developer R2 games is a browser based MMORPG that is in a sense based on the renowned Chinese story “Journey to the west”. As you can probably judge by the setting, Monkey King Online a unique kind of MMORPG in terms of its lore and this unique story is paired with a phenomenal game world were you have much to do. These things make Monkey King Online an MMORPG that is definitely worth giving a try out to.

As you login with your new account and start the game off for your first time, you’ll be greeted with a character selection menu where you can choose your character of choice from. These characters are basically like the classes of Monkey King Online as all characters have their own skill set and gameplay patterns.

The characters of Monkey King Online are the Monkey, the Bull, the Fox and the Iron Fan. Each of these characters fills a specific niche so you can see what each one does and select the one that is best suited to your play style.

Once you’ve successfully picked and named your character and gotten into the game, you’ll be met with some extremely helpful tutorial dialogues that give you information about the basics of the game. All information displayed in these dialogue boxes is extremely helpful and helps you get the full hang of the game.

Questing in Monkey King Online feels great as you don’t have to manually walk through the whole game world to get to the point of your quest because of the auto-pathing feature which basically takes you to wherever you need to go. Once you've played through the game a bit, you’ll be given access to the nimbus cloud which is basically a cloud that allows you to teleport to anywhere you've previously been in the map, this saves you a lot of time and allows you to get around quicker.

One of the most fun and interesting things you can do in Monkey King Online is transform into an immortal. Of course due the power you gain from this, you can’t always transform but once you’ve done so then you’ll be able to do the things you previously couldn't imagine. Transforming into an immortal will grant you with a huge power boost allowing you to take on your foes easily and it makes for some great PvP matches.

Monkey King Online is hands down one of the most visually appealing browser based MMORPGs out there. The game world of Monkey King Online is enormous and it looks absolutely gorgeous due to the raw amount of detail it has. The spell animations in the game also look extremely fluid and make the game all the more appealing. The sound effects and music of the game are also some of the best you've seen in a browser based MMORPG because of how well composed they are and how nicely they blend in with the game.

Despite all the aforementioned positives to the game, there is one slight issue with it but luckily it’s easy to ignore. The cash shop of the game is a hit or miss because there is a huge variety of items to choose from which is always great but some of these items have the potential to imbalance the game but luckily the developer is constantly working to remedy these issues so they’re not likely to last for long

Monkey King Online is a unique MMORPG that takes place in a setting that hasn't ever been seen before and provides a fresh and fun experience. You can play it here.