Safety for Kids - Kids Learn How to Avoid Dangers by Finding Dangers | Education for Kids & Parents

Safety for Kids - Kids Learn How to Avoid Danger by Finding Dangers | Education for Kids & Parents .
You never know when a thing or a situation will become a danger and harmful to our beloved kids. Accidents can happen at anytime, anywhere. Kids need to be aware of the environment around and the most important is understand how dangers can happen to them.

Safety for Kids is proud to present second series of safety lessons for kid which let Kids learn what are the potential dangers at home, in living room, kitchen, bathroom, garden as well as at many other places such as in the street, school, cinema …

In the eyes of our children the world is so new and they are excited to explore all of its little mysteries. Parents are happy about this enthusiasm but at the same time very worry about their children's safety. How can we make children aware of safety risks?

"Safety for Kid - Finding danger“ aims to address such concerns. The application deals with different safety issues children encountered at home, such as playing with electric wire, slipping on the floor, bumping on open window corners etc. Each of these dangers is well explained by animations and audio material helping them understand issues and learning about right reactions. The operation of the app is simple and child-friendly so kids can easily navigate the different scenarios.

1.The content of this game has been evaluated by safety specialists and reference to Australian government safety programing.
2.Experience all dangers in the comfort of your own world but play through the game in real-life settings.
3.Teach Kid aware of dangers at home, street, in cinema, park, swimming pool, school … with hundreds of unsafe items/actions.
4.Fun interactions and easy to operate.

Safety for Kid is the most trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for children.
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