17 Upcoming 3DS Games of 2019 & Beyond

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Listing all 3DS video games releasing this 2019 and 2020. These are the handheld gaming console's upcoming releases that have been announced. Support our channel by getting these games through the Amazon affiliate links below:
Etrian Odyssey Nexus https://goo.gl/N9zKae
Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost Of The Dusk https://goo.gl/m8CjUm
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn https://goo.gl/sGd7cq
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey https://goo.gl/CFqd4d
YO-KAI WATCH 3 https://goo.gl/sdVa2V

Minutes of Shovel Knight: King of Cards DIRECT FEED Gameplay (Nintendo Switch - PAX East 2018) - GameXplain

Shovel Knight: King of Cards - Card Battle Gameplay (PAX East 2018) - GameXplain

Mighty No 9 (Wii U) - Intro Level - silverwings21

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk - 60 Minute Playthrough [3DS] - justonegamr

Persona Q2: JPN Gameplay #1- Encounters & Velvet Siblings (3DS) - DismArchus

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Pups On A Roll Super Rescue Team Skye, Chase, Everest - Fun Pet Kids Game - PenguinGaming

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