Princess take Care of Restaurant - Fun Cooking Kitchen Kids Games for Children

The Royal Chef, Edward, has earned a worldwide reputation for his culinary excellence. One day, Chef Edward got careless and burned himself. He has no choice but asked princess Libby to take care of his restaurant. Thus, Chef Libby's food journey began.
It’s not easy to run a restaurant, but Libby definitely nails it and makes this place a hot spot. Dream toast, fruit tea, mermaid bagel… She cooks visually stunning and great tasting foods that create happiness around the table. Spot the differences, decorate the restaurant, set the table, and find the secret recipe. She makes it a fun relaxing place to chill out with friends. Will you join the fun?

- 8 mouthwatering delicacies to indulge your taste buds.
Make brownie, macaroni, fruit tea, mermaid bagel and go for the master chef.
- Secret recipes and more surprises
There's a recipe collection where some secret recipes are locked. Keep working to collect them all.
- Great mini games to kick the fun up a notch
Dress up, spot the differences, sort food, and set the table… There are more to be discovered.
- Collect trophies and level up
Serve more customers to earn hearts and level up to get trophies. Let's get it excited!

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