New Anthem Details, The Reason Nathan Drake is Invincible, & More

Warframe is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, we learned something interesting about how the health system in Uncharted works, Darksiders 3 has a release date, and some new Anthem details have been made available! Join us on our live weekly gaming talkshow.



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Your jetpack iron man things can actually overheat and in the gameplay demo they showed that flying under a waterfall will actually cool down the jets. On twitter Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) responded to a tweet saying “when its raining, can you fly for longer or indefinitely” with “I believe so”

Damage floaties are customizable. You can mess with the size, opacity, or just straight up turn them off.

Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) confirmed on twitter that there are sports in the world of Anthem. But he didnt say whether our not they are playable.

Anthem will have 10 subregions for you to explore at launch.

Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) confirmed that time of day will have an effect on enemy types and enemy behaviors