35 New iOs Games of May 2018 | Playscore

A ranking of all the the newly-released and newly-rated iOS mobile games that have just released on the Apple App Store. Play these latest games on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

Animal Super Squad https://apple.co/2JHInnK
Among the Stars https://apple.co/2xS7nDK
AXE.IO https://apple.co/2M8HYc9
BattleHand Heroes https://apple.co/2MbrRuf
BOMBARIKA https://apple.co/2LA1pcC
COMIC BOY https://apple.co/2M6LKTg
Diggerman https://apple.co/2sLsEt8
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode https://apple.co/2KvwXjB
Dungeon Hunter Champions https://apple.co/2HMLVVp
Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord https://apple.co/2kXNG4p
Faraway 3 https://apple.co/2Hy4hnX
Fusion Heroes https://apple.co/2kVHqKn
G30 https://apple.co/2JpudnH
Glides https://apple.co/2Lyzlq7
Homo Machina https://apple.co/2xUXKUX
Idle Champions https://apple.co/2xSajjK
Ilu https://apple.co/2sSrGeN
Iron Throne: Kingdoms https://apple.co/2kVFf9u
M&M Elemental Guardians https://apple.co/2JkAGnU
Minesweeper Genius https://apple.co/2JmT2ET
Moon Surfing https://apple.co/2Mb0WyU
Odium To the Core https://apple.co/2HwMUE4
Pocket Run Pool https://apple.co/2HahUtx
Returners https://apple.co/2JJgT0G
Rev Heads Rally https://apple.co/2Jv38zz
Scalak https://apple.co/2kYy9Bq
Sir Questionnaire https://apple.co/2JqhhOj
Space Pioneer https://apple.co/2yg92S1
Spike City https://apple.co/2xU3Epj
Super Doggo Snack Time https://apple.co/2M3Y6f7
Super Hydorah https://apple.co/2JkC6ie
Tiny Bubbles https://apple.co/2HueSR2
VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH https://apple.co/2JnhOVt
Zero/Sum https://apple.co/2Fik7lB
ZombsRoyale.io https://apple.co/2wAxz5b

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