Fun Baby Care in Airplane with Sky Girls Flight Attendants - Tabtale Fun Adventure Gameplay Video

Fun Baby Care in Airplane with Sky Girls Flight Attendants - Tabtale Fun Adventure Gameplay Video .
Get ready to be the best airplane flight attendant the sky has ever seen! Keep the passengers happy and serve them with a smile! Dress up in a cute uniform, travel the world and enjoy a fab flight attendant lifestyle!

You’re the newest flight attendant on Fly High Airline, and you’re determined to be a pro! It’s your job to help all the passengers on the plane with everything they need, from check-in time all the way through to landing. And the greatest part? You get to be a world-traveler and discover amazing places! You also get to dress up and design your own uniform! Ready for takeoff? The adventure starts now!

- Become the best flight attendant ever! Your new career is so exciting!
- Visit exotic destinations like Paris, Rio, Moscow and Tokyo! Dress up and take selfies at each place!
- Design and dress up in cool flight attendant uniforms and accessorize with a great scarf and shoes!
- Your carry-on suitcase could use some decorations too – dress up your luggage and cover it in stickers!
- Help the travelers check in, and attend to the passengers on the plane!
- It’s your job to prepare all the meals on the plane, serve the passengers drinks and food, and make sure they’re comfortable!
- Oh no! The passengers left a huge mess on the plane. Clean it up quickly – the next group is boarding soon!
- Put a refreshing herbal mask on at the beauty salon, after an exhausting day of traveling!
- While you’re at it, get a makeover too!
- Some passengers got injured on the flight – take them to the doctor!
- Play an awesome tower control minigame.
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